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Tips for a Successful Day of Fishing at Lake Maraboon

Tips for a Successful Day of Fishing at Lake Maraboon
on 01 December 2020 in Travel & Lifestyle

Lake Maraboon offers a distinct fishing experience filled with serenity and joy. The sparkling fresh water that surrounds you will keep your mind at ease, knowing that your catch of the day is truly safe for consumption. 

A short 25 kilometres away from Emerald, Lake Maraboon is ideally positioned where there are plenty of cool breezes as you relax your day away. 

For the fisherman at heart, you will be thrilled to learn that Lake Maraboon is an angler’s dream. Successful catches could bring rewards the likes of red claw crayfish (which you’ll find an abundance of in this lake), barramundi, saratoga, Fitzroy yellowbelly, Murray cod and silver perch. 

This fishing paradise has a fascinating history of regular stocking of Murray cod back in the 1980s resulting in 81,000 fish stocked over a short period between 1989 and 1992. Although no further stocking was carried out post 1992, Murray cod is still a potential catch here in Lake Maraboon.

How to catch Murray cod

To catch a Murray cod means you’ll have to be privy to the water levels of the lake. Where water levels are higher over at least a couple of weeks, position yourself along the rocky backs of the main basin. Murray cod fish are known to move out of the river for better feeding opportunities when the water levels are high.

How to catch saratoga 

Lucky for you, Lake Maraboon has plenty of saratoga. To catch these fish on their highest activity levels, throw in a line when the water levels are high. Tackles that work well for catching saratoga include light spin outfits, top water lures, poppers and stick baits.

How to catch Fitzroy yellowbelly

A species that has bred very well in Lake Maraboon, you won’t find it too difficult to catch yourself a Fitzroy yellowbelly. To maximise your chances for a successful catch, position yourself at prominent points such as gentle drop offs and weed bed edges. 

Fitzroy yellowbelly fish also tend to surface more during mornings and afternoons while they retreat deeper into the water in the middle of the day. Vibrating lures work great and techniques such as an aggressive and fast retrieve works best for catching Fitzroy yellowbelly fish.

How to catch silver perch

With over 200,000 silver perch stocked in Lake Maraboon up to 1994, you won’t find it difficult to land a catch. 

The trick behind catching a silver perch is the bait you use. Silver perch have small mouths, which mean bait has to be small and does not pull a drag. Favourites include worms, small live yabbies, shrimps, and flies. The ideal season to fish is during the spring to summer crossover.

How to catch barramundi

There are a fair few barramundi catches in Lake Maraboon as a result of low stocking numbers. If you’re lucky, you may catch one.

To maximise your chances of catching barramundi in Lake Maraboon, use hard bodied lures with slow, twitching retrieves.

How to catch redclaw crayfish

The most popular fish in Lake Maraboon, you’ll find an abundance of redclaw crayfish here. It’s hard to miss a catch of crayfish but here are some tips on how to lure even more overboard.

It’s interesting to learn that redclaw crayfish is predominantly vegetarian, so the best baits include overripe fruits such as watermelon and kiwis. You could also use veggies such as pumpkins, potatoes and peas. 

Simply put the bait in the pot, close it up and throw it in the water. Ideally leave it overnight, otherwise for at least a few hours, before going back to claim your prize.

Preparation is key to a successful day fishing at Lake Maraboon. Depending on the type of fish you’re hoping to catch, bring the appropriate equipment and bait for it. Be sure to also grab yourself a fishing permit, which is needed to fish in Lake Maraboon. Eskies filled with snacks and cold drinks will help you stay replenished and hydrated throughout the day.

A successful fishing trip needs a happy stomach, which is why a meal at the local Maraboon Tavern in Emerald is a must.

Serving up the freshest seafood that will enhance your fishing trip at Lake Maraboon, you will be spoiled with choice with the selection. Beyond seafood, indulge in other delicacies such as premium grilled steaks, smoked meats, schnitzels and Italian dishes. 

Spoil yourself with fresh beer on tap or choose from a wide selection of local and imported drinks as you prepare yourself for a big catch ahead.