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Ultimate Fishing Locations in Central Queensland

Ultimate Fishing Locations in Central Queensland
on 14 July 2021 in General News

If you’re an avid angler, there’s nothing more exciting than exploring a new place to go fishing. And with so many opportunities to be had, we have some spectacular fishing spots in Central Queensland that should be on your bucket list.

Without further ado, here are our top fishing locations to cast a line or lay a crayfish pot not to be missed when in Central Queensland. 

Lake Maraboon 

The ultimate winner of all fishing spots in Central Queensland, the award goes to Lake Maraboon. A short 25 kilometre drive south west of Emerald, Lake Maraboon is Queensland’s second largest lake. 

Stocked with 8 different kinds of fish, including barramundi, golden perch, silver perch, Murray cod, saratoga, Fitzroy yellowbelly, and red claw crayfish, it’s easy to see why Lake Maraboon is a popular spot for anglers in Central Queensland.

Its fresh water is clean from toxic chemicals and waste, reassuring anglers that their catches are safe for consumption.

The location is also fantastic, with fresh breezes and spectacular scenery to enjoy while you cast a line.

When trying to catch Murray Cod in Lake Maraboon, the best strategy is to observe the water levels. High water levels call for positioning along rocky backs in the main basin of the lake for better chances to land a catch. Murray codfish are known to move out of the river in an attempt to ambush prey in better feeding locations when water levels are high.

If you’re looking to catch silver perch, fish from the banks with a pack of worms and a hand line. Silver perch don’t tend to take well with lines that pull drag, so you’ll want it easy for a secure catch.

Fishing is good all year round

As with all fishing trips, the way to guarantee a good time is to ensure that your stomach is happy before your fishing adventure.

Before heading out to Lake Maraboon from Emerald, be sure to drop by the Maraboon Tavern for a hearty local meal. A local favourite that will satisfy, the kitchen is headed with trained chefs to ensure fresh delicacies and exceptional dishes are served before you. Customer service is great, and the range of drinks and beer on tap will not leave you high and dry.

The menu is filled with popular favourites, including classic Australian pub fare, fusion delights, international cuisines, fresh caught seafood, grilled premium meats, and so much more.

For those bringing kids along the fishing trip, you’ll be glad to know that the Maraboon Tavern has its very own kids play area to keep the little rascals busy while you relax and wait for your meal. 

Needless to say, a meal at the Maraboon Tavern is a must when you’re in Emerald, and a great way to kick off a fishing adventure.

Bingegan Weir

A decent 65 kilometre drive north of Dingo, Bingegan Weir is a well known spot for fishing and boating.

The prize to be caught here is wild southern saratoga, a catch you won’t be able to get anywhere else on the planet. Wild southern saratoga is native only to the Fitzroy Basin, including Mackenzie, Isaac and Dawson.

Fishing is best during July and August when the Upper Fitzroy and Mackenzie catchment waters begin to clear. 

Bedford Weir

Popular for camping, boating, and fishing along the Mackenzie River, Bedford Weir is 25 kilometres north of Blackwater.

Again, you’ll find saratoga here, just as you would in Bingegan Weir. You’ll also find barramundi and yellowbelly, as the weir is stocked with them, as well as sleepy cod, long tom, sooty grunter, and eel tail catfish. Throw in a pot to try your luck at catching some freshwater red claw crayfish too.

The best time to fish is during July and August, when the Upper Fitzroy and Mackenzie catchment waters begin to clear. 

Experience the best dining in Emerald

When exploring fishing options in Central Queensland, you’ll likely come across the town of Emerald. Don’t miss out on your chance to experience the best local food when in town by heading to Maraboon Tavern.

The tavern is a local favourite for good reason, with great quality food, exceptional customer service, a delightful local atmosphere, excellent drinks, beers, wines, and spirits, showcasing the best of Central Queensland.

Banner image credit: Fishing Booker