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Where to Dine in Emerald

Where to Dine in Emerald
on 01 November 2021 in Food & Drinks

While there are plenty of attractions such as Lake Maraboon, the Sapphire Gemfields, the Emerald Botanic Gardens, and more, there’s only so much one can do and enjoy it on an empty stomach.

Which is why we are thrilled to bring you our list of the top places to dine in Emerald for a good feast, whether it’s breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.

The Maraboon Tavern

First and foremost, there’s no better place to mention the best of Emerald dining than the Maraboon Tavern. An absolute local favourite, the Maraboon Tavern is headed by professional chefs with years of experience behind the kitchen. 

Renowned for curating some of the most delicious meals known to town, the Maraboon Tavern boasts premium meats grilled and smoked to perfection, followed by a wide variety of options on the menu that is constantly being refreshed and updated for quality and taste. Only the freshest ingredients make the cut, with popular dishes such as a variety of schnitzels, pasta and noodles, smokehouse meats, grills and other mains bound to impress even the fussiest eaters.

Patrons on TripAdvisor have raves about the combo plate which has big portions that will impress. Favourites include chicken wings that are deliciously smoky, tender and juicy steak, house made chilli sauce, charred corn, next level chicken parmigiana, melt in your mouth smoked meats, baked creamy potato, to name a few. Drinks come reasonably priced, with fresh beer on tap served icy cold to keep you cool on a hot summer’s day in Emerald.

The food is amazing and the customer service exceptional. There are also pool tables to keep you entertained while waiting on your meal. A new menu is also in the works, meaning you’ll get the chance to taste some amazing new creations that will have you coming back for more.

Don’t miss out on your chance to experience the best dining Emerald has to offer and make a booking by calling the Maraboon Tavern on (07) 4982 0999. 

Theo’s Cafe

A classic Aussie cafe, Theo’s Cafe serves a mean breakfast, brunch and lunch. Offering options such as vegetarian, vegan, lactose free, and gluten free, patrons report the flexibility of staff and the kitchen to cater to specific needs. 

Serving classics such as eggs benedict with hollandaise sauce, sausage and hashbrowns, fisherman’s platter, muffins, and more. Drinks include all your typical cafe style drinks including a good mocha, a fantastic caramel macchiato, and some amazing hot chocolate for those who enjoy the flavours.

The menu is extensive, meaning you’ll easily find something you like given the wide range of dining options. Portions are generous with plenty of bacon for those who love lots of it when ordered. Service is also quick and friendly, which makes the experience a lot more pleasant.

Patrons have reported the establishment to be a bit noisy due to its small size with some reporting shortfalls on TripAdvisor including overcooked sausages, greasy cob loaves, poorly tasting coffee and mocha, to name a few issues. Hopefully though, given the number of good reviews, these issues are a one off. 

Blah Blah Sandwich Bar

Great service with excellent quality food that come in good portions, the Blah Blah Sandwich Bar 

Coffee is a big hit with the patrons and is very flavourful without the bitterness, making for a great way to kickstart your adventure in Emerald. The green smoothie reportedly is so good that it’ll entice you to come back again, while the smoothies and other juices are fresh, refreshing and tasty.

Food is also good and includes your classic sandwiches such as toasted ham, tomato and cheese sandwiches. Despite being called a sandwich bar, there are other non-sandwich items on the menu including waffles and muffins.

The sandwich bar also provides vegetarian and vegan options, which is nice to have in Emerald. Service is prompt and cheerful.

Fairbairn Bakery

Presenting a good variety of food, including vegetarian options, the Fairbairn Bakery offers freshly baked pastries and home brewed coffee. Some of the favourites include spinach and feta rolls, sausage rolls, and meat pies that are very reasonable and popular among locals. 

Emerald Thai Food

For those looking for a bit more spice in their meal, check out the Emerald Thai Food, which is reportedly the best Thai food many of its patrons have had the pleasure of tasting.

Food portions are generous followed by reasonable pricing on meals. Go for the popular dishes such as the pad thai, spring rolls, penang chicken, red curry, larb gai and massaman curry. The establishment is more suited as a takeaway restaurant than a dine-in restaurant due to limited space inside. The meals are very authentic and can ev comparable to Thailand dishes, offering a tasty, fresh, and satisfying meal.

Peak hours can get busy but it’s worth the wait for those who enjoy Thai food.