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What to Wear to this Year’s Emerald Derby Day

What to Wear to this Year's Emerald Derby Day
on 01 October 2021 in Events & Entertainment

Happening this Saturday 13 November 2021 at 11am, the Emerald Derby Day Races presents a great opportunity to get dressed in your best for some fashion in the field. 

With a classic theme like black and white, the Emerald Derby Day Races raves a roving Fashions on the Field presenting prizes and awards to those who look the best dressed.

But the all time question to get your outfit right is what you should wear this year and how can you match it to look your best?

There is an unspoken understanding that although the theme is black and white, there is a general acceptance of adding splashes of colour and twists on top of the two. For example, a touch of red to bring forth a striking contrast can be a way to stand out from the crowd. 

Nevertheless, truth be told that just because the theme is restricted to only two colours, it doesn’t mean that the outcome will be boring. From different prints, silhouettes, fabrications, textures, trims and embellishments, the uniqueness of a fashion approach will give life to originality. With these tips on looking great, you’ll be surprised how much life a combination of two colours can bring forth. 

Without further ado, here are some great ways to make the most of black and white. 

Going all black

Wearing black on black is a statement. It’s very chic and not at all boring. By tying in shapes to your design such as a layered hem or a feature sleeve, the contrast in textures will enhance your look even more. A stand out millinery has a classy look that will finish off your style nicely.

Going all white

A beautiful and stunning look that features purity and cleanliness, going all white is another popular style. Again, the trick here is to make the most of textures by adding layers, mixed fabrics, designs and patterns, and even an interesting silhouette to top things off.

White with black accessories

In 2014, Brodie Worell won Fashions on the Field by rocking an all white dress by Maricevski paired with black accessories including gloves, purse, heels and a swish of black in her fascinator. Wearing all white with black accessories is simple yet elegant and can be a beautiful way of rocking Black and White.

Black with white accessories 

Reversing things with making black your base colour and adding white accessories to match, this approach may be a little unconventional, but doesn’t mean it isn’t worth trying out. Done well, the end result is extremely stylish with a bold and daring look.

A white outfit with black and white accessories

Wearing a white dress or ensemble and mixing it up with a black and white combination of accessories can help create a stunning look that is subtle yet classy. You can easily pair white shoes with a black clutch or vice versa, followed by a millinery that has black and white.

A black outfit with black and white accessories

The opposite of the above, incorporating some texture into this combination such as a sheer fabric can help your outfit create a depth that also lights up the overall black look.

Going colour block

Whether you decide to pair a white blouse with a black skirt or vice versa, the outcome will look very chic. The fun part is in the skirt, making it full or layered for some emphasis on your styling approach.

Checkered or tiled prints 

Next, you’ll need to decide whether you want to put in some print in your look. Having a print in your fabric creates the opportunity to clash prints to make a statement.

Floral prints

The Emerald Derby Day Races flairs the beauty of spring racing and there’s nothing that resembles that more than a floral print, even if it’s black and white. It’s feminine and stylish at the same time.

Strike with stripes, dots and spots

Bold and brave, stripes can create a fascinating look especially when falling in different directions. Polka dots on the other hand have always been a classic long time favourite with the variations of sizes and placements. 

Animal prints

Animal print looks fantastic in black and white and offers the opportunity of being different from everyone else. Think leopard spots, zebra stripes, snake prints, and more, a print is individual and it certainly stands out.

Is it big or is it small?

Having the same print in two different sizes helps create a contrast compared to having a systemic print in the same size all over. For example, big leopard spots at the top followed by smaller ones at the bottom of your outfit will boost the stylishness of your design.

Where to celebrate the Emerald Derby Day Races in style 

If you haven’t gotten tickets for the big day and are looking for ways to be a part of the event without actually being there, head to the Maraboon Tavern.

Being a stone’s throw away from the Emerald Racecourse, you’ll be near the action, possibly being able to hear it live while watching the event on the big screen.

There’s fresh beers on tap, a wide array of drinks to keep the fluids flowing, mouthwatering meals that include prime cuts of meat grilled to perfection, smoked meats that melt in your mouth, schnitzels, pasta and noodles, along with other bits and pieces that will keep your appetite satisfied. 

Don’t miss out on a Derby Day experience at the Maraboon Tavern this Saturday 13 November.

Banner image credit: North Queensland Register