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Preparing for the Weather and Climate in Emerald

Preparing for the Weather and Climate in Emerald
on 25 September 2019 in Local News

It is hardly surprising that Emerald is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Central Queensland. With its rich cultural and historical background, Emerald offers valuable insights to gem fields and natural landscapes. 

Emerald can be visited all year round, and with the right clothes and attitude, you can enjoy Emerald regardless of the weather. Even though Aussie weather can be unpredictable at times, it is rarely extreme, especially in a charming town like Emerald. 

Preparing for the weather and climate in Emerald is relatively straightforward. The summers are long, humid and hot whereas the winters are short, dry and cool. 

In the hot seasons, the average temperature ranges from 23 to 31 degrees Celsius with the rare occasions of reaching around 34 in a heatwave. In the cold seasons, the average is between 8-23 degrees Celsius.

For those who like to explore nature, Minerva Hills National Park is an excellent spot not far from Emerald, which is easily doable in a day trip. Due to its altitude, the temperatures vary widely. 

Many people think that when the chill comes, the hiking season is over. That is precisely why hiking to see the spectacular jagged peaks of Minerva Hills during winter will be one of your best experiences. 

With trails less crowded and bug-free, your body burns extra energy to keep your internal furnace roaring. Expect to see heavy frosts due to freezing temperature as you ascend to the peak while geared with gloves, long sleeve jersey, warm socks, insulated boots, and so on. 

Once you start to sweat, take off the layers slowly to generate less body heat, or you may risk catching cold the next day. You will be overwhelmed by a sense of achievement and the majestic views once you have reached the top.

Hiking in the summer can also be one that you remember fondly for years to come. If you are a fan of getting wet, you will also find yourself enjoying the cleaner air and more profound solitude. 

Just be prepared to be extra cautious on slippery surfaces from the night dew and rain by wearing the right footwear and rainwear. Just in case the weather decides to be scorching hot that day, bring along some sun protection items such as sunblock, cap, light long sleeve jacket and a pair of sunnies as you blaze your trails. 

Another lifesaving tip for dealing with the heat is to dip your hats and shirts in water and wear them to keep your neck and body cool. Start early when the temperature is lower as not only it is less strenuous on the body, you also get to set your own pace before the crowd comes.

Other top nature attractions in Emerald are the Botanic Gardens and Lake Maraboon. Needless to mention, these destinations are great places to escape the summer heat or just simply to get a quiet away from the bustling routine. Lake Maraboon is a place for everyone. 

Fishing enthusiasts would be thrilled to know that the lake is stocked with eight different kinds of fish. The whole family are guaranteed a blast with plenty of outdoor activities such as swimming, walking, and waterskiing. 

Flip flops, hats, sunblocks are among the usual essentials for the summer. As the temperature rise, it is also imperative to stay hydrated even if you are just sitting in the sun. Staying hydrated will help you keep up the stamina so that you get to enjoy the best of summer.

Don’t pack up your picnic gear just yet during the change of season when winter is slowly settling in. A winter picnic is one of the great ways to brighten up the season and indulge in the wintry ambience in solitude. 

All you need to do is to dress a little warmer and plan your food and activities a little differently. To have a successful winter picnic, include some essential items such as the appropriate wintry clothing, waterproof boots, hand and foot warmers, fleece blankets and flashlights. Doesn’t it already sound exciting to do?

Among the best winter picnic foods are hot sandwiches, faithful wraps, hearty soups, steamy coffee and tea etc. For convenience, you can get these foods beforehand and place them in an insulated lunch bag to keep the food warm for several hours until mealtime.

You can’t quite say that your visit to Emerald is complete unless you have seen the world’s biggest Van Gogh sunflower painting in Morton Park. A visit to the Emerald Train Station is also a must on your list.

To make the most of your visit, you’ll also have to adventure in one of the gem-related activities such as the underground mine tours, fossicking tours to visiting sapphire shops. Don’t worry if the weather outside is unpleasant as there are a handful of interesting indoor activities in Emerald which are unlikely to be affected by the weather. 

Rain or shine, don’t miss out on a good meal at Maraboon Tavern which serves the best pub food in town with a local twist. The outdoor play area which can be a godsend as it gives parents the rare chance to relax and unwind from the day-long activities while the kids play in a safe area.

It is without a doubt that Emerald is pleasant throughout the year with plenty to offer for everyone. Depending on what suits you and your family, the best time to visit Emerald for outdoor activities ranges between early March to late April. Visit during this time and enjoy the comfortable, cool autumn. Visits from mid-September to mid-December will offer a pleasantly warm spring. 

If you are an avid lover of activities on the beach or pool, then those are best enjoyed during the hot days in summer from mid-November to late March. However, it’s always good to come prepared as mother nature’s weather can be unpredictable at times. 

The wisest thing to do is to check the weather forecast the day before to help you make the right decisions about what gear and clothes to wear.

Image credit: Nathan White Images