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Spring Stargazing in Outback Queensland

Spring Stargazing in Outback Queensland
on 01 August 2021 in Travel & Lifestyle

Australia is home to some of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world. From the Great Barrier Reef to the many astounding national parks and heritage sites, there is a known beauty held within this nation when night falls upon its lands.

Unlike most places where light pollution masks the magnificent skies above, Outback Queensland offers an unrivalled experience of starry night skies.

With the acknowledgement of a beautiful night, observatories have been popping up all over Australia with the aim of providing education and events to experience the ultimate stargazing opportunities.

Rubyvale Observatory

Promising an uninterrupted illumination of the night sky, behold upon an astounding sight thanks to minimal air and light pollution, flat surroundings for hundreds of kilometres, and very few cloudy days in Rubyvale.

A sensationally unique location that gives explorers the best way to discover the Milky Way, the Rubyvale Observatory telescope offers an experience not to be forgotten with the ‘Gems by Day, Jewels by Night’ Observatory event.

Listen to the stories told by specially trained guides as they share their knowledge on stars, clusters, planets, and the solar system. Learn new things from an Aboriginal night time story that will have you delving deeper into the meaning of the stars and the stories they have held on for generations. 

With a powerful 14” Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope that is perfect for identifying stunning clusters and star colours throughout different constellations, the Rubyvale Observatory is one of the best places to experience stargazing in Outback Queensland. The eyepiece is strong enough to pick up on wandering plants, Saturn’s rings, and Jupiter’s many moons, giving explorers all the reason to embrace the beauty of space in Rubyvale.

Feel one step closer to the immense expansion of the universe and enjoy the Queensland Outback night sky experience at Rubyvale Observatory. 

Sessions are held in small groups and include a naked overview of the current night sky, as well as plenty of time on the Meade telescope to spot stars, planets, and the nebula. For those lucky enough to be passing by, don’t miss out on your chance to witness the best night experience of the Outback. Avoid disappointment by making a booking at the Rubyvale Motel.

Learn some intriguing facts about stargazing 

Here are some fun facts to know about before going on your stargazing adventure in Outback Queensland.

  1. Not all stars are white. In fact, stars come in different colours from red and orange to blue and yellow. The colour of a star changes throughout its lifecycle as its temperature rises, starting from red to an eventual blue which is the hottest. 
  2. The shadows on the moon are caused by meteorites and asteroids colliding with the moon’s surface as a result of an absent atmosphere. As a result of the lack of wind and weather, craters that are former remain indefinitely.
  3. The moon is moving away from Earth at an extremely slow pace of around 3.78 centimetres every year. If it does happen, it isn’t expected to take place until billions of years from now. 
  4. Falling stars aren’t actually falling, and neither are they stars. They’re actually tiny meteoroids that are hurtling towards Earth but burn up before they get here.
  5. The Southern Cross, known also as the Crux Australis; is the most famous visible constellation in Australia’s sky. The constellation is recognisable by its four brightest stars, and with a high quality telescope like the Meade in the Rubyvale Observatory, you can discover the fifth star.

Make the most of your stargazing experience

When in Rubyvale, don’t miss out on the opportunity to stop by at the Maraboon Tavern in Emerald for a magnificent local meal, only a quick 45-minute drive away. 

Featuring premium meats grilled to perfection headed by professional chefs, you simply can’t pass up the offer especially when looking to experience the best of Outback Queensland. The menu also offers a wide variety of dishes sourced from only the freshest ingredients including seafood risotto and more pasta and noodle dishes, perfectly crumbed and juicy schnitzels, nasi goreng with satay chicken, beef vindaloo curries, classic fish and chips, to name a few.

Oh, and given the heat, don’t forget to knock back a cold beer on tap from one of the local breweries. The wide array of drinks from the menu will give you plenty of opportunity to explore exquisite flavours and delights.

Banner image credit: Queensland.com