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5 Boredom Busting Activities for the School Holidays

5 Boredom Busting Activities for the School Holidays
on 15 December 2020 in Travel & Lifestyle

Too much free time leads to boredom, and boredom often leads to destruction. That’s just how things are when it comes to kids. And with the school holidays coming up soon, you definitely want to stay on top of things and avoid your kids being bored at home.

Here are 5 boredom busting activities for the school holidays that will keep your kids busy and help burn their energy.

1. The Emerald Botanic Gardens

Walking among nature in a vast open space is always a great thing for kids as it removes them from screen time and modern technology while engaging them with their natural surroundings.

Not only does a visit to the Emerald Botanic Gardens help expose kids to an abundance of wildlife such as birds, insects, marsupials, and more, it also burns their high energy levels through exercise.

Spanning across 42 hectares of land, the Emerald Botanic Gardens are the only botanic gardens found in Central West Queensland. It’s nestled on the banks of the Nogoa River, which means you can easily take a dip to cool from the summer heat or even fish along it with the kids. 

Walk the tracks and explore the 12 differently themed plant communities, ranging from foreign to native plants. Pack a picnic or make use of the public barbecue pits and let the kids run around the grassy areas or burn more energy at the monorail or the kids playgrounds which are fully shaded. There are so many play areas for your children to adventure, and a walk through the botanic gardens will have you finding a hedge maze, a windmill, a bush chapel, and more.

It’s simply a must do for parents looking for a way to bust your kid’s boredom this school holiday.

2. Lake Maraboon

Enjoy the best of water play at Lake Maraboon, which will keep the family entertained for many hours to come. From waterskiing and jet skiing to kayaking and fishing, explore some fun in the water with your kids these summer holidays while keeping them cool.

There are plenty of open grassy spaces for the kids to run around while they spot an abundance of bird life, such as pelicans, peacocks, ducks and more. 

Don’t forget to pack a picnic with plenty of snacks and cool drinks to enjoy. There are free barbecue pits around as well as many shaded spots and tables to make use of. To maximise the fun, bring a ball to play catch with and some fun family games such as Twister, a deck of cards, and whatever else you can think of to keep everyone busy. Music is always welcomed too!

3. Fossick at the Sapphire Gemfields

Release the explorer in your child as they go on a hunt for some hidden gems at the Sapphire Gemfields. You can jump on a guided tour underground or hop on a digging tour to find your own. 

4. Minerva National Park

Australia is blessed with national parks, so why not head to one this summer holiday? 

The Minerva National Park is only an hour from Emerald and offers stunning views of jagged peaks formed by volcanic activity from millions of years ago. There you’ll also find Virgin Rock, which looks like the image of Virgin Mary cradling baby Jesus. With plenty of grassy woodlands and walking tracks for the kids to explore, they’ll definitely be kept busy here.

Discover the aboriginal rock art of the Kariai people and learn about the natural landscape of the area.

5. Emerald Karting Club

If your kid is in need for some speed, bring them to the Emerald Karting Club located on Capricorn Highway, only 5 minutes from Emerald’s town centre. 

It’s a world class track that offers twists and bends to test your kid’s skills behind the wheel. Reaching speeds as high as 65 kilometres per hour, it’ll be the fastest your kid will have experienced driving themselves. Talk about being the complete opposite of boring!

A hungry child is an unhappy child

Every parent knows that the secret behind a happy kid is feeding them right.

When at Emerald, a drop by to the Maraboon Tavern is a must for families looking to fill their bellies to their heart’s content. With exceptional meals that are delicious enough to have your kids licking the plate clean, sip on a chilled glass of wine or knock back a fresh beer on tap while you enjoy yourself.

From juicy premium steaks, smoked meats, schnitzels, fresh seafood, Italian and more, you will be spoilt for choice. The kids menu is affordable at only $9.90 for a scrumptious meal. 

Oh, and there’s even a dedicated playground for the kids to burn more energy while you relax, rest and put your feet up from the hectic time of school holidays. 

Image credit: Gladstone Observer