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How to Plan a Great Day out in Emerald

How to Plan a Great Day out in Emerald
on 01 January 2020 in General News

With so many things to do in Emerald, it can be overwhelming to figure out the perfect plan to have a great day out. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a few ideas for you to consider!

Begin your day by Lake Maraboon

What better way to start off the day than having an awesome, laid back moment at Lake Maraboon?

Whether you’re thinking of a relaxing fishing getaway before the night ahead, or a walk around the trails leading to Fairbairn Dam, or to just sit back and watch the magnificent oasis parched among the Outback, there’s plenty of things to do here.

Fairbairn Dam will give you a good walking workout, with some parts of the dam being so immense that you can’t even see the land beyond the water. Talk about letting your imagination run, as you feel as if you were in an ocean in the Outback. 

Water activities include swimming to water skiing (provided you have access to a boat), and for those land lovers, you’ll be thrilled to know that there are plenty of shady spots and barbecue pits to have an amazing picnic with friends and family. It’s a magnificent place to bring the kids with large mown grassy areas and picnic tables for them to run around, pass a footy, get up to mischief, and eat to their heart’s content. 

What makes Lake Maraboon stand out when thinking of ways to start a great day is the breathtaking sunrise and sunset. Given that Lake Maraboon is only about 20 kilometres from Emerald, it’s easy to squeeze in a visit to this spectacular destination even for an hour or two.

If you don’t want to travel too far, head to the Emerald Botanic Gardens instead. Set right in town, you won’t have to go far to wind up in a tropical paradise. There isn’t anything else throughout Queensland’s Central Highlands that comes close to the oasis experience in the Emerald Botanic Gardens.

Guaranteeing a perfect lounging spot to relax or walk around, the Emerald Botanic Gardens sits right on the banks of the Nogoa River and is the only botanical gardens in all of the Central Western District of Queensland.

What awaits you is over 42 hectares of lush gardens. Not only is this a place to relax and unwind, but the Botanic Gardens fosters an experience to learn and understand about the region’s natural flora environment.

Established in 1987, the Emerald Botanic Gardens is home to 12 different plant communities that represent a theme. The most thriving theme of all represents plants that are native to the area. 

There are plenty of green spaces for you to roam along with lots of shade and even barbecue facilities to have a fantastic picnic. A stop by here before a big night out sets you up for a successful day. 

Don’t forget to pack plenty of essentials like sunscreen, hats, umbrellas, towels, and a lot of replenishment to keep everyone feeling good. A great tip before heading out is to check the weather forecast as well, as you won’t want to plan a day out if the weather is going to pour. 

Enjoying your night at the Maraboon Tavern 

If there’s one local establishment that you would choose to cap off an amazing day in Emerald, it’s Maraboon Tavern – Emerald’s local favourite. And here’s why it takes the win!

What makes the Maraboon Tavern win the hearts (and bellies) of so many patrons, is its warm, local welcome that awaits you from the moment you walk through those doors. The interior decor is a classic influence that brings back nostalgia for all. Here, everyone will feel comfortable and welcomed.

Beyond a wide array of excellent tap drinks, wines and spirits, the secret delight is in the delectable food served by the trained chefs in the kitchen. They’re highly skilled and trained, making this local tavern a one of a kind. 

Meat eaters, prepare yourself to dine on a feast fit for kings. Fillet steaks that have been boasted to be the best, juiciest steaks ever tasted by some patrons, are one of the many gems you’ll find here. Mouth watering smokehouse ribs that will have you wanting more, and freshly caught barramundi fish served with piping hot chips are among the popular dishes in the eatery. 

Lamb lovers will find lamb shanks that are cooked to your preference as well. For those who crave a more Asian twist, dive in on some delicious crispy pork belly and Asian greens that have been highly appraised by all who have had the honour to taste it. 

What makes Maraboon Tavern a great place to end your day with is the people. You are served with nothing short of exceptional customer service from friendly staff who are willing to go over and beyond to make this a night to remember. Whether you’d like some local town tips or a good conversation, talk away, and you’ll discover the fun side of life in Emerald.

With large meals that are great value for money, an extensive menu with decently priced drinks, spacious atmosphere for you to bask in the good vibes, who couldn’t have a good time at the Maraboon Tavern? 

And for parents with kids, there is a designated kids play area, making it easy to keep the little ones entertained while you enjoy your night away. It’s a great way to sip wine, sit back, relax and watch the kids burn their energy. Not to mention, the kid’s menu is impressive with a great range of yummy options that will simply delight every child. Prices are reasonable, and the portions are huge. 

Big screens are displayed throughout the establishment, so if there’s a cricket match or footy game on, you won’t miss it. Plan your night at the Maraboon Tavern with some mates and enjoy some of the best Aussie beers on tap. 

If you’re looking to have a blast during a night out at Emerald, the Maraboon Tavern is a sure-fire way to guarantee a great time.