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How to Celebrate the Australia Day Holiday

How to Celebrate the Australia Day Holiday
on 04 January 2021 in Events & Entertainment

Australia Day is the day where all Australians across the nation come together as one in celebration of the achievements of the land, in appreciation of the people, and acknowledgment of our history. 

From vintage car shows to thong throwing competitions, each town and city, big and small, adds in a unique flavour to the celebrations.

In the small town of Emerald, the tradition is continued every 26 January with an Australia Day citizenship ceremony, along with several other Australia Day celebrations scattered across the town. With a country Australia feel involving billy tea, coffee and damper, Emerald is certainly unique in its own beautiful way and the Australia Day celebrations are only one of the many ways this little town honours its roots and people.

Emerald Australia Day Celebrations

The biggest Australia Day celebrations happening in Emerald is the one hosted by the Central Highlands Regional Council and CHRC Youthinc. 

Taking place from 7am to 11am on 26th January 2021, head to Emerald Town Hall on Egerton Street in Emerald to join in the fun. 

There aren’t many things more Aussie than a barbecue with friends. In honour of this Australian way of life, The Emerald Lions will be hosting a BBQ breakfast paired with some freshly made damper by the Emerald Scouts. So grab some snags and sizzles from the barbie and enjoy some good ole’ fashion damper, just the way they used to back in the day. 

The big celebrations kick start at 8am with the traditional Australia Day citizenship ceremony, welcoming new citizens to becoming a part of our nation’s people. Family and friends gather together as these individuals are awarded their Australian citizenship, making this moment a very heartfelt one.

Soon after, the traditional Australia Day Awards ceremony takes place. This ceremony gives acknowledgement and recognition to individual Australians for their outstanding service and contributions to the country. A magnificent award that does not discriminate, recipients of the award come from all over the country, from all walks of life. The award isn’t just for those who are well-known or famous, but is also given to those who have helped and served the nation day in and day out behind the scenes. It is an extremely honourable award to be given, which is greatly appreciated and celebrated by the community in attendance.

To build toward a great Australia Day atmosphere, the Emerald State High School will be performing Australian songs in tribute to the country. The event is a prestigious one, with an Australia Day ambassador scheduled to attend the ceremony too.

Australia Day feast at the Maraboon Tavern

Turn your Australia Day celebrations into a full event by heading to the Maraboon Tavern for some classic Australian dishes. An absolute local favourite, the Maraboon Tavern represents the peak of quality food in an exceptional setting. With a heartwarming atmosphere and excellent customer service that will make you feel welcomed, the dining experience here is further elevated by the delectable meals.

For entrée, spoil yourself with some grilled halloumi bruschetta, pork belly skewers, duck spring rolls, salt and pepper calamari, or a spicier taste to lift your tastebuds with some chili sambuca prawns.

Take on the mains with a good range of Italian pasta dishes or some Asian noodles with a twist, or discover the smokehouse BBQ premium meats that include pork and beef ribs, cutlets, brisket, chicken wings, a smoked platter, and quality steaks such as rump, rib fillet, eye fillet, and t-bone. 

And if you’re not feeling like tackling a big meal this Australia Day, you’ll be delighted to explore the variety of salads, including the classic Caesar, Thai beef, prawn and avocado, or roasted pumpkin and halloumi. 

For desserts, indulge in a fudge sundae, Eton mess, banana spring rolls, or caramelised pineapple with Malibu coconut liqueur served with vanilla ice cream.

There’s also an affordable kids menu serving up classic Aussie meals such as spaghetti bolognese, chicken nuggets and chips, fish and chips, ham and cheese pizza with chips, or a grilled chicken with rice.

The kitchen is headed by trained chefs that uphold the impeccable quality that makes the Maraboon Tavern a popular local hot spot.

Oh, and since it’s Australia Day, you’ll be thrilled to know that there is a dedicated kids playground, which means you’ll be able to enjoy the magnificent range of local and imported beers, wines and spirits, while the kids safely burn their energy in the play area.

Great vibes, amazing food, greater company, there’s every reason under the hot blazing summer sun to spend your 2021 Australia Day at the Maraboon Tavern in celebration of our land.

Banner image credit: Sunshine Coast Daily