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Make the most of the Emerald Beer and BBQ festival

Make the most of the Emerald Beer and BBQ festival
on 10 July 2019 in Events & Entertainment

Everyone knows that Aussies love nothing more than BBQs and Beers. They have it in the perfect summer day, or spring, or fall or even winter. With proper motivation, us Aussies can do this charcoal-burning activity all year long. 

Plus, there isn’t anything better than to kick back, relax with friends and family and enjoy a good barbie paired with a faithful icy cold beer. Well, no matter what your preference is when it comes to barbecues, we have news that is set to make you drool! 

The Emerald Beer and BBQ festival is definitely a festival you won’t want to miss out on and it’s happening this year on the 17th August 2019 at the Emerald Showgrounds.

The idea of BBQ and Beer Festival was first conceived by a couple who own Thyme Catering. Thanks to the husband’s love of experimenting on the barbecue and the inspiration from the American television series BBQ Pitmasters, Shawna Gray and her husband approached the Emerald Show Society and everything started to take off from there. The organiser’s intention was to make it a fun, family-friendly event to be enjoyed by all.

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response and first successful festival last year, Emerald Show Society decides to make it a comeback this year. Amongst a string of positive feedbacks were:

 “Congratulations on the Emerald BBQ & Beer Fest Event, was a well-organised event. We had a ball and can’t wait for the next one.”

“Please, Please do this again next year! Had a great time!!!! Food was Great, atmosphere was great!”

“Well, what a great day Emerald has turned on for us. Thank you Shawna for organizing the event and let’s hope it happens again next year.”

In fact, the festival this year is going to be more fun! Expect it to be better and more exciting than last year’s as the organisers are committed to letting last year’s attendees’ feedback determine the many aspects of the event this year. Already the hype is intensified as we are counting down to the BBQ and Beer Festival this year. One of the attendees who signed up for the event said “We are so excited and can’t wait! We will definitely be attending!”

The festival will attract competitors from all across the region who go head-to-head for a chance to win in one of the competition divisions this year – Jerky and Biltong, Sauce and Home Brew! 

Aside from the competition, you get to enjoy the exquisitely juicy, meaty goodness to be washed down with chilling beer while being accompanied by live music and numerous entertainments for kiddies.

If you are wondering about how to have a great BBQ festival experience, here are a few ways to strategize and maximise your fun at the Emerald Beer and BBQ festival!

1. Get your tickets early

Anything tasty tends to sell out early. The fact that the festival tickets are selling fast speaks to the excitement and popularity of the event. Make sure you act now and grab the ticket while it’s still available. The festival may have to turn away people in line once they reach the capacity.

2. Bring cash

It is very uncommon for vendors at BBQ festivals to take credit cards and electronic fund transfer. If you are getting hungry right now just thinking about the finger-licking, slow-smoked piece of meat that is flavourful yet tender, then you better make sure your wallet is stocked up with a few notes when you arrive.


3. Don’t forget your ID

If drinking is part of your barbecue strategy, then you must keep your ID close to you. Don’t be offended when you are carded even though you are 60 years old. Just take it as a compliment!

4. Bring along some hardy Aussie spirit

Unless the weather condition is so dreadful it’s called a catastrophe, make it a goal to be there – rain or shine. After all, it is an annual event. If you miss out on this one, you may have to wait for another year for it!


5. Bring wet wipes

Imagine that beautiful smoky protein cooked to perfection, tempting you with bursts of flavour and caramelization forming a charred crust, begging you to sink your teeth into it. You would want to eat that with style – your hands and not with a fork and knife. Trust us on this, it will take your enjoyment – and taste buds – to a whole new level that way. If you decide to enjoy the feast as per our advice, bring along some wet wipes, preferably with a refreshing citrus scent to wipe off the greasy stains on your hands, or even face.

6. Proper attire

As the Emerald Beer and BBQ festival is going to be held in the winter, wearing the proper gear is essential. The unpredictable weather may put a damper on your outfit but don’t let it impact your mood. Wearing extra clothing that can easily be thrown on or off will make it easier for you to adjust to any weather condition. 

Another good investment item for a BBQ festival is a hat. A wide-brimmed hat or a simple cap is useful to shield you from the sun and keep your head warm when the wind comes. If you want to avoid the embarrassing hat hair, sunglasses and a mini umbrella might be more up your street. Lastly, a pair of good walking shoes may make you have a more mindful, present BBQ eating experience on the ground.

What is more perfect than enjoying winter with some meaty morsels ranging from wings to brisket and everything else in between, sipping on a pint of craft beer that is especially catered to complement the gorgeous smoky protein and mopping up every last drop of the finger-licking barbecue sauce left on your plate with a slice of bread. Drooling already? Mark it in your calendar – 17th August 2019 at the Emerald Showgrounds and we will see you there!