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Keep Warm This Winter With These Spirits

Keep Warm This Winter With These Spirits
on 14 June 2021 in Food & Drinks

While the colder months are often matched with red wines at the table, the wonderful world of spirits offers a warm, fuzzy feeling that adds a sense of value and appreciation once Jack Frost comes knocking.

The beauty about spirits is how complementary they are to the dining experience. From adding a talking point in a hearty meal, to a digestive aid for a heavy meal, a spirit at the table adds a wonder of potential and variety. Of course, so does a red wine, and the palate entirely depends on how you’re feeling that evening.

To nurture the taste buds, bring in a warm hot toddy to entice the crowd. Explore cocktail options such as a whisky splashed with your favourite tea mixed with honey, cinnamon, cloves. Or simply work with a quality Shiraz that’s known for warming the body nicely.

While taste is subjective, there are some general rules to follow when pairing spirits with food. If you have a delicate spirit such as vodka, pair it nicely with a stew, while gin works wonderfully with fish and seafood. Darker spirits like whisky work amazingly with heavier dishes like lamb shank, while rum goes well with cheese, chicken and chocolate.

As for wines, red wines pair seamlessly with bold meats that are hearty and flavourful. Acidity of the wine should be more than the food, and a good general rule is that it should also be sweeter than the meal.

Without further ado, here are the top drinks that you should be stocking this winter.

Henschke’s Mount Edelstone Shiraz

A stunning Shiraz that impresses in an incredibly fragrant aroma filled with ripe plums, blueberry and blackberry, followed by safe and fresh bay leaf, the cedar tones just add to the complexities of spice and dark fruits. A well-balanced acidity that textures wonderfully, the long velvety levels of tannin will linger pleasantly in your mouth as you wash down an accompanying meal.

This Shiraz is one not to be overlooked, especially for red wine drinkers that appreciate something strong and bold. Pair it nicely with a good serving of meat, with premium steaks known for being a favourite match. 

Bundaberg U.P Rum

An Australian Classic, the Bundaberg Underproof Rum is made from sugar cane sourced from Queensland, and has been aged for a minimum of 2 years. Popularity has seen it thrive ever since first production took place in 1888.

An evocative flavour of caramel and molasses, the taste is full with flavours of oak, wood, and a beautiful sweet aftertaste. A fantastic addition to a cold winter’s night, a drink of Bundaberg U.P Rum will keep you warm and snug.

Johnnie Walker Red Scotch

One of Australia’s favourite Scotch whiskies, the Johnnie Walker Red Scotch is a pedigree that dates back to 1909. Containing a special blend of 35 grain and malt whiskies, this blend stands out in flavour and was Churchill’s favourite whiskey mixed with soda.

Tia Maria Dark Liqueur

A premium coffee liqueur that is made from 100% Arabica coffee beans, Madagascar vanilla and Jamaican Rum, the Tia Maria will impress any coffee and rum lover – a combination that has been perfected for as long as time. Offering a complex structure of aromas that will have your mouth water, the coffee flavour tips the profile nicely, and is best enjoyed on ice or as a cocktail.

Serve up a warm Espresso Martini using Tia Maria this winter and watch you guests slurp in delight. Only $29.99 as a monthly special at the Maraboon Tavern Bottle Shop

Whitley Neill’s Gin

Coming in a range of Blackberry, Raspberry, and Parma Violet, explore a flavour explosion with Whitley Neill’s range of flavoured gin.

Whitley Neill’s Blackberry bursts with fresh berries with hints of flora. It’s smooth with a base of piney juniper, followed by zesty citrus and hints of black pepper. An earthy finish awaits along with a warming sensation of cassia spice. 

The Raspberry range offers an initial flavour of liquorice, juniper and coriander that folds into a fresh, vibrant taste of Scottish raspberries. It’s delicate, fruity, citrusy, and has a lasting raspberry flavour that is perfectly balanced and delicious. 

The Parma Violet is unique in that it is a luxuriously handcrafted gin with exceptional quality. The flavours of juniper followed by herbs and violet. Pair this beautifully with a cocktail or simply pour over ice to enjoy the unmasked flavours of the best of Whitley Neill.

Serve Whitley Neill’s range with some cheeky cocktails to throw life into some blue winter days, and explore a fun and exciting flavour profile to keep the summer excitement going. Only $51.99 each as a monthly special at the Maraboon Tavern Bottle Shop.

Peanut Butter Whiskey from Sheep Dog

Put a pause on boring and try this unique flavour combination of peanut butter and whiskey. It’s rich, it’s buttery, and it’s flavourful with hints of caramel latte, hazelnut, and butterscotch on top of a bunch of creamy peanut butter. An experience that simply can’t be missed if you enjoy peanut butter and whiskey.

Only $46.99 as a monthly special at the Maraboon Tavern Bottle Shop.


This winter warmer is known for keeping you nice and snug in some cold, harsh times. You’ll find it as a staple in many bars at ski resorts, and with its distinguishable flavours of sweet and spicy, the Fireball Cinnamon Whisky is a spirit not to be missed.

Serve it hot, warm, or cold. Neat, over ice, mixed with Lemonade, Cola, or Dry Ginger Ale. Whatever your preference, the versatility of the Fireball will impress.

Grab a Fireball at the Maraboon Tavern Bottle Shop for only $46.99 and get a free Fireball beanie to keep your head warm this winter. It’s a win win for everyone.

Where to buy these spirits in Emerald

Drop by the Maraboon Liquor and grab one of these drinks on special.

Offering a bargain you simply cannot resist, it’s easy to save money while enjoying some quality spirits that will keep you warm and cosy this winter. 

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