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Where to Watch the 2021 State of Origin

Where to Watch the 2021 State of Origin
on 01 June 2021 in Events & Entertainment

Hang on tight as you lean closer to the edge of your seats. The 2021 State of Origin is happening this June all the way through to July. With tickets selling fast for a spectacular series opener happening in Townsville (for the very first time), anticipation is at its extreme. 

The big ticket question that’s lingering above everyone’s head – will the Maroons claim a victory this year? Or will the Blues outplay their competition?

Excitement is at its highest, with the surprising loss by the NSW Blues in the 2020 State of Origin, bets have it that this year’s gameplay will be a little more aggressive in desperation to win back the title. The Queensland Maroons, on the other hand, will be more than happy to match their competitors’ advances, especially when in State territory.

Well, it’s a game that you’ll just have to tune into to find out. And we’ve got all the spicy details here for you.

2021 State of Origin Dates

Stretched over three games, Game 1 of the 2021 Ampol State of Origin takes place at the Queensland Country Bank Stadium in Townsville, Queensland for the first time. Happening on Wednesday 9 June, kickoff is scheduled at 8:10PM AEST.

Game 2 is happening at the Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, Queensland on Sunday 27 June with kickoff scheduled at 7:50PM AEST.

Game 3 takes place at Stadium Australia in Sydney, NSW on 14 July with kickoff scheduled at 8:10PM AEST. 

Scheduled kickoffs may mean that games may take place earlier or later than the scheduled times. Broadcasts usually start an hour before kickoff happens, with plenty of commentary and excitement leading up to the big games. 

Live entertainment at the State of Origin 

With every State of Origin game comes the exciting question of who’s entertaining?

Game 1 will see the popular band The Veronicas kickstart the opening session. Game 2 will see the Sheppard take the stage, playing hit songs including Geronimo and Coming Home. Game 3 will have Lime Cordiale and JK47 entertaining the crowd. 

How to watch the 2021 State of Origin

With Covid restrictions and the trouble of games being far from home, you’ll definitely want to know how you can watch the 2021 Ampol State of Origin without having to be present in the stadium.

Live broadcasting will be aired nationally on Nine Network and 9Now, with our New Zealand fans able to tune in to watch the game on Sky Sport. For international fans, WatchNRL will be the place to go to for a live stream. Pacific regions can tune in on Sky UK, Fox Sports 2 US, and Fox Sports Asia, to name a few. 

Game 1 Schedule for the 2021 Ampol State of Origin 

The announced schedule for Game 1 is as follows:

  • 6PM – Corporate gate opens.
  • 6:30PM – General public gate opens.
  • 7:35PM – Live entertainment begins.
  • 8:10PM – Kickoff begins.
  • 8:55PM – Half time.
  • 9:11PM – Second half.
  • 9:56PM – Full time (estimate, depending on added time and match delays).

The Women’s 2021 State of Origin

Friday 25 June will see the Women’s 2021 State of Origin playoff at the Sunshine Coast Stadium in Queensland. Kickoff is scheduled at 7:45PM, and can be watched live on Nine Network, 9Now, and WatchNRL.

Where to watch the 2021 Ampol State of Origin

Local favourite, Maraboon Tavern in Emerald, Queensland, will be tuning in live to all games of the 2021 Ampol State of Origin. Don’t miss a play with the Boon’s big screens spread across the tavern, ensuring every move is clear as day.

In celebration of the 2021 State of Origin, the Maraboon Tavern is offering its very own special Steak of Origin. Showing off some State pride, indulge in a mouthwatering steak sourced from either Queensland or New South Wales.

Happening from 9 June to 14 July, from 11:30AM to 21:30PM daily, there’s no better way to enjoy the 2021 State of Origin than with a fantastic local crowd and decadent meals throughout game night. 

For the Mighty Maroon supporters, indulge in a Darling Downs 300g rump steak that has been fed 150 days of grain with a mouthwatering marble score of 2+. Grilled just the way you like it, wash down the flavours neatly with a schooner of XXXX Dry.

NSW Blues supporters will have the choice to tuck into a Liverpool Plains sourced rump steak with a marble score of 2+ that has been grain fed for 150 days. To keep in line with the NSW spirit, we pair this meal nicely with a schooner of Tooheys New.

Both meal options come served with hot chips and a side of fresh salad, for only $30. This is the ultimate footy feast that you won’t want to miss.

And if steaks aren’t to your fancy, the extensive menu at the Maraboon Tavern will have you hungry for a feast. Featuring classic Aussie favourites such as fresh fish and hot chips, lamb shanks for that perfect winter warmer, a wide range of pasta and noodles, and many more items from the grill including decadently smoked ribs, cutlets, wings, and more. There’s also salads for the clean eaters, as well as an amazing range of entrees and finger foods to keep your mouths entertained throughout the game.

Indulge in some amazing desserts specially curated by the chefs at Maraboon Tavern, including a chocolate delight of fudge sundae, or go for something unique such as the Eton Mess featuring strawberries, meringue, cream and chocolate sauce, or a bit more authentic with caramelised pineapple with Malibu Coconut Liqueur. 

Don’t forget to make a booking (07) 4982 0999 to secure your place for an amazing State of Origin experience in Emerald, Queensland.