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Your Guide to Eating Out in Emerald

Your Guide to Eating Out in Emerald
on 01 October 2019 in Food & Drinks

One of the biggest joys of adventuring around a new place is in the food hunt. With so many activities to do in Emerald, such as sapphire gem exploring, there isn’t a doubt that your tummy would be grumbling from hunger.

And what better way to explore a beautiful, quaint town than dining in some of its most prideful local cuisine?

Let this article be your guide to eating out in Emerald no matter what time of day it may be. Choices are varied based on popularity, excellence, meal, and affordability.

Maraboon Tavern

Probably the most beloved local tavern in town, the Maraboon Tavern steals the heart (and bellies) of many tourists and locals alike. 

What makes the Maraboon Tavern stand out so well among the crowd gives thanks to the ambience and local welcome you feel the moment you walk through those doors. With a classic influence that brings you visions of an enjoyable past, the Maraboon Tavern will make anyone (and everyone) feel like home.

Beyond the brilliant tap drinks by the bar, what serves as an absolute delight is in the commendable food served by the highly experienced kitchen.

For the meat eaters, the fillet steak is to die for with some patrons saying it’s some of the juiciest steaks that they’ve ever had the honours of devouring. The smokehouse ribs will make your mouth water, and the barramundi fish and chips are delectable. The kitchen also cooks up a mean lamb for those looking for a nice shank.

If you’re hoping for an Asian twist, try the crispy pork belly and Asian green mix which has been time and time again reported to be outstanding by patrons.

Exceptional service filled with friendly staff and waitresses who are eager to help you out as much as they can. Oh, and if you’d like some tips about the town, simply ask away as these guys are as local as it gets!

All in all, the meals are large, the menu is extensive, the drinks are decently priced (they even serve Kosciusko ale on tap) and the spacious atmosphere is great. 

For parents with kids, you’ll be happy to hear that the Maraboon Tavern has its own play area for kids allowing you to enjoy your meal while sipping a glass of fine wine without having to run around chasing after your kids as they simply burn their energy within sight.

With big screens to watch the footy (as there should be in any decent pub) the Maraboon Tavern is the place to be for a great time in Emerald.

Oh, and did we mention that the tavern is headed by a trained chef?

Well, now you know!

Vybe Cafe

Serving a mean breakfast, the excellent coffee and freshly squeezed juice will help you kickstart your day in Emerald.

Many would say that the Vybe Cafe is a surprising find in Emerald with an interesting layout for seating and a chilled ambience to follow.

Pancakes, eggy bread, bacon, maple syrup, omelette, sourdough, pumpkin scones, banana crepes, shakshuka, cheesy omelette and much more breakfast, brunch, and lunch meals are part of the menu.

For those who need a good iced coffee to kickstart the day, many patron coffee lovers who have had the pleasure to dine in Vybe Cafe speak wonders of the coffee brewed in this establishment. 

With very generously sized portions that could fill up your tummy enough to skip a meal, you do get a good value for money. Presentation of the food is also decent with friendly and efficient customer service to follow. 

Opened for breakfast, lunch and brunch, you can expect the cuisine to be Australian.

Theo’s Cafe

Reasonably priced paired with a wide range of items on the menu, Theo’s Cafe is a lovely one bringing the best of Emerald to its A game. 

Massive meals are served here so if you aren’t a big eater, a single plate could be split into two. And for those who can’t finish what’s on their plate, it’s nice to know that you can always just doggy bag the leftovers to save for later. 

When it comes to customer service, it’s amusing to note that Theo’s Cafe won the 2019 Central Highlands People’s Choice Award for Customer Service. Then again, the vibe here is friendly with waiting staff happy to go above and beyond to cater to your needs.

Dining options are flexible with an alfresco setting to enjoy the outdoors or an inside setting for a more controlled environment. There isn’t much to say about the decor, but at least the generously portioned food makes up for the lack thereof.

Overall, Theo’s Cafe is great for the family and is also wheelchair accessible for convenience.

The Cob breakfast is probably the hottest selling item on the menu, and the coffee is great. 

Theo’s Cafe is regarded as one of Emerald’s iconic places for a good brekkie, lunch or brunch. With Aussie cuisine that is set to impress, you can expect Saturday and Sunday mornings to be jam packed with busy, bustling early go-getters. If you’re unlucky, you may end up sitting by the kitchen door in the hallway, which means blitzing sounds of smoothies being made.

Nevertheless, it’s worth a shot for those looking for a nice family-run business in town with some good meals at affordable prices.

Capricornian Restaurant

Regarded as modern Australian cuisine at its best, the Capricornian restaurant fascinated with a large selection of three courses, a good wine and beer list, excellent cocktail bar, and amazing customer service.

The restaurant’s decorations are charming.

Being reasonably priced, it’s hard to pass up a meal at the Capricornian

With house made pasta and pizzas created with love and care, it’s hard to pass up on the quality outcome. 

For those hungry for seafood, a dip into the oysters will have you gloating about its sweetness and freshness. Barramundi is also fresh as can be.  

To complete your meal, end with a beautiful dessert guaranteed to please. Profiteroles are awesome and besides, who doesn’t love a chocolate finish? 

The only catch is that the restaurant has been known to close its kitchen early at around 8:30 PM despite it officially closing at 11 PM. So if you want to dine here, be sure to make it early to avoid disappointment.