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How to Win Big at the Emerald 100

How to Win Big at the Emerald 100
on 25 September 2019 in Events & Entertainment

The highlight of the year – Emerald 100 is happening again this year on the 12th of October 2019 at the Pioneer Park Racecourse, Emerald. 

Everyone knows that horse racing involves a lot of numbers and statistics and that it is no easy task finding winners on horse racing. However, getting equipped with some basic knowledge of horse racing will put you on the right path in winning. 

Are you thinking of winning big this time? 

You may not be far off from it. Here are a few quick tips on how to get the most out of the iconic sporting event of the year.

The critical advice is to not just bet on the favourite. 

The reason behind this is the same as not putting all your eggs in one basket as horse racing is a notoriously unpredictable sport. It is more likely that your money will end up out of pocket for good if you lump all your money on the favourite. 

That does not mean that you should place your bet on every single horse in the race either. The trick to ensuring that you don’t go back empty-handed is to be selective by doing a little bit of research beforehand.

Getting familiar with the phrases and jargons is an excellent head start to knowing your horses. Check out a few terminologies below.

  • Last time out winners – this is one of the most popular tips by race lovers. You will notice that substantial bets are normally placed on last time out winner which put together streaks of 2-3 wins in 5 races. Chances are they could very likely go in again and win.
  • Good rating figures – the higher the rating, the better the horse. If you manage to get the information and find out which horse aced in its last race, then there is a good chance that it could be a winner.
  • Bouncing back – while there is a good chance that the horses who ran well last time out will win this coming race again, pay attention and try to spot a secret dark horse that may have performed poorly in the last race but is now all ready to bounce back and run a big race.
  • Change in class – it is essential to evaluate the competitors. If you notice a runner with a reasonably decent record, be sure to compare it with the quality of its opposition as trainers can sometimes put weak horses in higher class races to push for a miracle.

Choosing a winner is not just about the horse. It is also about the jockey and trainer. Many horses are fantastic on the track, but without the right training or rider to guide them, they are unable to unleash the full potential. So, pay close attention to the trainer and jockey combination. 

Some trainers have better records at dry courses while others in a softer turf. To get an idea on this, simply look at the trainer’s record at the course for the last few months, and you will notice from the stats which trainer enjoys a great strike rate and which trainer to avoid. 

Do the same with jockey as each of them is geared up with certain skill sets which are naturally suited only to specific courses. Remember, past performances are a good indication as to the performance and consistency of the horse, trainer and jockey.

In essence, the more you know, the better off you are. For many people, winning money in a horse race is merely a bonus. The true win lies in the fun and experience that it offers. That is even more true for Emerald 100 that offers a good party. 

Many aspects to it keep drawing people going, again and again, every year. Firstly, it is a lifestyle. Nothing can beat the style, entertainment and exhilaration of a day at Emerald 100. What lasts more than the two minutes of real excitement, i.e. between people jockeying for position and the eventual winning is the expanses of time between the races. 

To truly submerge into the ambience, take the opportunity to venture into the rail, infield, grandstand and the paddock to mix and mingle with a diverse audience. With people chatting non-stop about the horses and breaking down the confusing mathematics behind the horse racing, it is essentially a classy social event complimented by sports. Expect hats, cocktails and cheers to envelope the entire event.

To be prepared for the event, make sure that you get a good rest the night before. Fortunately, there is plenty of quality accommodation surrounding the racecourse that is within walking distance. 

After a long day of hype and adrenaline-pumping experience, unwind in the nearby local pub or restaurant for a hearty meal to replenish the drained energy. Maraboon Tavern, located just 1.7km away, is an excellent choice. It’s one of the most reputable eateries in town with many gorgeous drool-worthy dishes in its menu. To a parent’s advantage, the Maraboon Tavern also provides a play area for kids allowing parents to enjoy their mouthwatering steak and sip on a glass of fine wine in peace while their kids continue to burn their energy nearby.

Emerald 100 horse racing is an exhilarating sport for everyone whether you are in for the gambling, fashion or just simply enjoying the fast horses zapping before your eyes. What makes Emerald 100 truly unique and fun is that it is an affordable party! 

Plan your trip now to be part of this amazing event. Take the opportunity to visit Emerald and the nearby Outback towns to make the trip a memorable one. Ranging from the gem fields, underground mine tour, largest Van Gogh sunflower painting, you will surely be mesmerised by this seemingly low profile yet an extraordinary town. 

Who knows? If you place your bet on the right ponies at the track, you can even walk away with more money than you first came with!

Image credit: Emerald Jockey Club